Discovery Flight - Only $55

Your first flight will be exciting! A discovery flight is the perfect introduction to flying for someone who wants to make a career in aviation, or just experience flight.

On the Ground

We'll explain the features of the airplane, how to get in and out, and how to use some of the controls since you'll be flying. Once we've talked for a while on the ground, we'll get strapped in the airplane and start it up -- a show and tell of flying the airplane. Don't worry, you'll forget some of what we say and that's OK, we'll cover it all again in your ground and flying lessons. We'll taxi the airplane out to the end of the runway, make a runup check to ensure everything is working properly, and then we'll takeoff!

In the Air

Once airborne, you'll watch the ground outside get smaller as you climb higher -- relax and enjoy the experience! The exact details of your first sortie will be tailored just for you -- to make certain you are comfortable and ready for each step of the process. The flight can involve straight and level, some turns, and even a little sightseeing. If you desire to, your instructor will actually let you fly the airplane!

Back on the Ground

The flight will end with a landing, taxi back to the hangar, engine shutdown, and getting out of the plane. We'll explain what we're doing every step of the way. Your instructor will spend time with you answering your questions about how to get started and what you'll experience as you get your private pilot's license.

Gift Certificate

A Discovery Flight Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for your loved one for any occasion: Christmas, Valentine's, birthdays, graduations, weddings, or anniversaries. We'll make you a certificate to give, then the lucky recipient can schedule the discovery flight at their convenience.

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