Initial Flight Screening (IFS)

IFS is the United States Air Force's program to screen and eliminate flying candidates -- both pilots and Combat Systems Officers (CSO). Removing a candidate from training early saves the USAF money; but costs a candidate their dream. Some folks take just a little longer to learn how to land an airplane than the USAF allows, but once they've got it, they've really got it. Be prepared for the first step in your dream by being ready for IFS!

Why wash out?

We don't have a good reason for this either, but we do have a little insight from a friend who teaches at IFS:

Well, I have been here all over a week and a half and we have washed out 10 people so far. Root cause: LANDINGS!! (and some aeronautical decision making (poor decisions on SFL's, etc)).
From what I am seeing thus far, while this course is designed for a ZERO time dude, that is FAR from the case in practice!! Guys need to get some time in ANY airplane (other than an airliner) just to get some air under their butts and get a little aero decision making, etc. The problems with landings are that they are treating them as PURE mechanical. They pull power and flare and hope for the best. There is no feel for the aircraft and they are letting the airplane fly THEM instead of vice-versa.
Nav candidates have a MUCH higher washout rate than pilot candidates!!
Reason being, and this is a common consensus, is that pilots seem to have a higher "want" to complete. Most pilots that show up here have some civilian time under their belts which shows BIG TIME!! Nav's show up cold turkey.
HERE IS THE PROBLEM. If a nav washes out from here, they can still go to nav school (assuming they washed out for a pilot related issue (ie: cant land)), however, if they go to nav school and then later want to try to become a pilot, THEY CANT!! So if a guy gets a nav slot with the hopes of later becoming a pilot, he HAS to take charge of his own future and come here with some flying experience! Otherwise they are risking a lot!

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