Private Pilot's License

The Private Pilot's License is what most folks get to start their flying. It will allow you to fly anywhere in the US as long as you stay clear of clouds. It takes 40 hours of flight training -- 20 hours dual, 10 hours solo -- and you must pass a written test and a practical test, aka a checkride.

Instrument Rating

After getting your private pilot's license and flying for a while, you'll want to get an instrument rating. This will increase the utility of your flying by allowing you to fly through clouds. The Liberty XL 2 is a great airplane to earn your instrument certificate as it has ILS, VOR, and GPS capabilities. You'll need 50 hours of cross-country time as pilot in command, 15 hours of instrument instruction, and an additional 25 hours of instrument time. You'll also need to complete an instrument ground school, pass the written test, and successfully complete the instrument rating practical test.

Biennial Flight Review

We can easily arrange for you to get your biennial flight review (BFR) from one of our talented instructors. The review is not a test, but involves 1 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour of flight instruction. You must have a flight review every 24 months to exercise pilot in command privileges. A flight test, aka checkride, substitutes for the BFR requirement.

Other Training

If you need some instruction to regain currency in instruments or if it has been a while since you have flown, Two Dogs Aviation Instructors can help.