We are NOT Aviation Medical Examiners and we DO NOT provide any medical advice.

Where do I obtain a medical certificate?

The FAA maintains a database of Aviation Medical Examiners (AME) here and all their regulations about Medical Certification here. You'll want to call the AME you select and see if they want you to fill out the FAA online medical questionnaire here.

For military folks, you may be able to get a free FAA medical from the flight surgeon.

Either a military or civilian AME can issue you a student certificate along with your third class medical certificate.

What's the risk?

You should accomplish an FAA medical before you begin flight training. The FAA medical can disqualify you from a private pilot's license or from exercising the privileges of flying for many things. You'll want to know before you make the investment if you can become a private pilot or not. If you will not qualify for a private pilot's certificate with an FAA medical, do not apply for one; you can still obtain a sport pilot certificate with a "driver's license" medical -- as long as you did not apply for a FAA medical certificate and get denied. Either way, you still need to be fit to operate an airplane. If you have concerns about the medical, you should join AOPA and use their medical software to determine your eligibility. Then you can make an informed decision.

Common Disqualifiers

Anything that could interfere with safely operating an airplane is an obvious disqualifier; other problems and medications are not so obvious.

  • Drugs: antihistamines; anti-depressants; blood pressure medications; stimulants; analgesics...
  • Health Conditions: diabetes with insulin, heart problems, non-correctable eyesight, epilepsy, ...

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