Military Competency - Commercial License

  • Order software from Sheppard Air to prepare you for the FAA knowledge test. They have narrowed the question bank to 158 questions, you should be able to learn these in an afternoon.
  • Register for the Military Competence test via the CATS website.
  • Take the test at the CATS testing location. The test took less than 15 minutes -- all the questions and answers are in the software.
  • Make an appointment with your FSDO, ask them what you must bring (see list below). They do not handle walk-ins. Greensboro FSDO Contact Information.
  • Take all required items to FSDO. You can fly into the Greensboro Airport (GSO) and stop at the Atlantic Aero FBO (the other FBO charges a ridiculous landing fee), and walk over to the FAA Office.

Required Items

  • Your Pilot Certificate
  • Military Competency Test Report (from CATS test above)
  • Military ID
  • Driver's License
  • Current Instrument Form 8
  • ARMS Report showing 10 hours of flying in the past 12 months
  • FAA 8710-1. Have this filled out.



Here is a link to the original image on Microsoft Live.

More Help

Sheppard Air has some helpful information for filling out the 8710-1 here.