Military - FAA Medical

For military, Seymour Johnson AFB is currently providing Second and Third Class FAA medicals on a space available basis. This is a wonderful benefit that they are providing; please make sure to tell them THANKS!

Military Pilots - May Use Military Medical

The FAA does not require military pilots to have an FAA medical...

14 CFR 61.23(b) Operations not requiring a medical certificate. A person is not required to hold a medical certificate—
(9) When a military pilot of the U.S. Armed Forces can show evidence of an up-to-date medical examination authorizing pilot flight status issued by the U.S. Armed Forces and—
(i) The flight does not require higher than a third-class medical certificate; and
(ii) The flight conducted is a domestic flight operation within U.S. airspace.

The regulation is here and the amendment, published 21 August 2009, is here. Sadly enough, the new regulation does not apply to other aircrew.


If you have doubts as to your medical condition, do NOT make the online FAA questionnaire and physical your first step. Go to the AOPA website (you can get a trial membership from Two Dogs Aviation) and take their medical screener, TurboMedical, BEFORE you submit anything to an FAA medical examiner. Once you have been disqualified, you will have an uphill battle to obtain medical certification from the FAA.

We believe this information to be accurate; if your experience varies or you know of a Seymour Johnson AFB policy change, please let us know.


  1. Complete the FAA's online demographic and medical history form at
  2. Print your confirmation number as it will be needed to complete the exam on Seymour Johnson AFB.
  3. Call flight medicine at 722-1580 and ask nicely to schedule a FAA physical. Please tell the telephone attendant you need a urinalysis ordered.
  4. Report to the lab at the clinic to accomplish your urinalysis the day prior to your scheduled physical.

If you complete all of the above and do not require any unique medical waivers, you will leave the clinic with an FAA certificate on the day of your exam.