Rent vs Own Comparison

Owning an aircraft is expensive. Renting an aircraft distributes the fixed costs among many folks.

If you fly the national average of 50 hours per year and wanted to own a plane as nice as the Liberty XL2 you would pay a $1,380 monthly payment, $200 per month for the hangar, about $200 per month for insurance, $100 in gas per month, $500 per year for maintenance, and $500 for the annual. That's $23,560 per year and it doesn't include the monthly house payment for the airplane. By renting, you can fly the airplane for 50 hours per year at $425 per month, but save well over $18,000 per year.

Rent vs Own 50 Hours per Year
Hangar $0 $2400
Annual $0 $500
Insurance $0 $2400
Gas $0 $1200
Maintenance $0 $500
Payment $0 $16,560
Rent $5000 $0
Total $5000 $23,560

Save over $18,000 per year by renting!