• The Pilot In Command is responsible for the safety of the airplane and people who ride in it.
  • Please exercise sound judgment, conservative decisions, and proper risk assessment/mitigation.

Currency and Checkouts

  • You must have flown the make and model of airplane you plan on renting in the past 45 days or you will need a checkout from a Two Dogs Aviation instructor.
  • You will need a checkout from a Two Dogs Aviation instructor to rent an airplane. If you plan to exercise IFR privileges, you must be checked on instrument procedures as well.

Minimum Airfield Requirements

  • Runway length should be 50% greater than the takeoff and landing data you have calculated for actual conditions.
  • Use paved runways. You may only land on grass runways with a Two Dogs Aviation instructor on board.


  • VFR pilots will remain in VMC. We recommend personal minimum ceilings of 3000 feet with no less than 5 miles visibility.
  • IFR pilots must be current to fly in IMC. We recommend personal minimum ceilings of 800 feet and 1 mile visibility for single pilot IFR.
  • Maximum crosswind component for landings is 15 knots (17 mph).
  • Maximum surface winds allowed for flight operations is 25 knots (29 mph).
  • Maximum surface gusts allowed for flight operations is 15 knots (17 mph).
  • Do not fly within 20nm of thunderstorms.


  • Check for water in the fuel before the first flight of the day and every time fuel is added to the airplane. The airplane's engine will cease to operate if running on water instead of gas.
  • Fill the airplane slowly or it will splash gas on you. Do not fill the tank all the way up the filler neck or the airplane will vent about 1/2 gallon on the ground.
  • Look at the gas gauge prior to filling so you know about how many gallons you'll need to add.
  • We will normally keep the airplane with 21 gallons of fuel. If you would like it full, please let us know.
  • We reimburse fuel purchases away from GWW by multiplying the GWW price by the number of gallons you purchased. If you find gas cheaper than GWW, you'll get a credit for more than you paid.


  • Add oil when the engine show less than 4.5 quarts. Use a clean paper funnel and the supplied Aeroshell 15W-50.

Renter's Insurance

Unattended Airplane

  • Anytime the airplane is unattended it will be hangared or tied down. Tied down airplanes will have flight control locks in place to prevent damage.


  • Only clean the windshield with the supplied cleaner and supplied microfiber towel.
  • Please do not place items on the glareshield as they may come in contact with the windshield and scratch it.