We owe many people thanks for helping us get Two Dogs Aviation up and running, and we thank you all.

Robert Jans

Mr. Jans was kind enough to sell us the Liberty XL2 at a price that enabled us to start Two Dogs Aviation. Thanks!

Mike Laramee

Mike is our first CFI. Even though he has many hours in many airplanes, he required 5 dual for insurance to allow him to teach in the Liberty. He flew 5 hours to Florida, to get five hours of training, and the next day flew 5 hours home -- 15 hours in two days -- wow! Thanks!

Jeff Ray

Every business needs a first customer and Jeff was our first. We appreciate your patronage and know you've had a blast flying the XL2. Thanks!

Ty Magnus

Ty performs all the maintenance on the XL2. He is an IA and does excellent work. The airplane required 25, 50, and 100 hour inspections and Ty does them all. Thanks!

Ian Lawson

Ian was our first student to solo in the Liberty XL2. We'll always remember his accomplishment and so will he. We wish him the best as he continues towards his private pilot's license and a lifetime in aviation. Thanks!

Kitty Hawk Daedalions

The Kitty Hawk Daedalions, an organization of military pilots, annually give a scholarship to the most deserving ROTC high school student and familiarization flights to the two runners-up. The winner for 2007 was Ian Lawson and the Daedalians started him on a life adventure flying. They also gave the opportunity of a lifetime to Thomas Cooper and David Spriggs as each received a familiarization flight. It takes many folks in the Daedalians to make this happen and we extend special thanks to Bill "Gator" Allgaier, Les "Slats" Shrum, and George Wolfe - it was a pleasure to work with all of you. Thanks!